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"Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars" ... Trust the Process!

Vince Wilburn Jr., (Nephew of Miles Davis) trusts executive producer Robert Hebert to incorporate Miles Davis' 1962 recorded trumpet performance of "Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars" into a new 2018 “Corcovado” recording featuring vocalist Alexandra Jackson.

To this day ... Hebert recounts his shock at this gracious offer.

Hebert invites the wonderful and versatile genius Larry Williams to produce, arrange, and conduct the orchestra on the new "Quiet Nights" recording.

At VISOM DIGITAL studio in Rio de Janeiro ... Larry on Piano first leads a special rhythm section of Brazilian legends: Arthur Maia, Teo Lima, Armando Marcal and Ricardo Silveira, and later conducts The Bossa Nova Orquestra (formed especially to record his magnificent arrangement).

Miles Davis' recorded trumpet performance was then included on this special track.

The legendary Ivan Lins sets the tone for the song ... completing a 1991 vision of collaboration with the great Miles.

Antonio Carlos Jobim is the composer of "Corcovado" (otherwise known as "Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars") ... And, with the blessing of the Jobim family, Tom’s voice is added to the track.

The featured artist, Alexandra Jackson had the pleasure of performing with Antonio Carlos Jobim's son Paulo Jobim and grandson, Daniel Jobim during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Robertinho Silva is invited to join the track alongside Teo Lima ... giving us 2 of the most important drummers in Brazil music history on this special and historic recording.

During Alexandra Jackson's special CNN International interview, she sang "Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars" and talked about the unique collaboration.

“Quiet Nights” was Jazziz song of the day on September 25:

That day, “Quiet Nights” was released:

"Quiet Nights" enters the music charts ... playing on over 100 radio stations.

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