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LEGACY AND ALCHEMY LLC is a music multimedia company and collaborative led by international media, telecommunications and technology (TMT) entrepreneur Robert Hebert, and his U.S. team from the areas of TMT and finance, including Dr. Bernard Yaged, Robert Crecine, Don Lucoff, Michael Goldman, Abe Thompson, Darryl Porter and Mark Zivin ...  and some of the world's top media producers.  The company honors the world's great music cultural legacy, and offers a way forward with classic music.

Legacy and Alchemy produces creative music, video, and live event projects that represent a wide ranging collaboration of artists - master musicians, songwriters and producers.  The company focuses in the area of Popular Music, with special attention to honoring the great American and Brazilian mainstream musical legacies and connections.  


The company’s first project is a breathtaking music album that introduces new International vocalist Alexandra Jackson. 


The upcoming music album is titled: "Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy" (EP release in 2017 and the music album in March 2018).

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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Legacy and Alchemy LLC

 Robert Hebert - CEO

 Tel +1 404 964-8136

Tel +55 21 98417-6053

Photography by Michael Goldman

Internet Designs by Rob Crecine

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