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ALEXANDRA JACKSON releases the video of “A Felicidade”


Robert Hebert - CEO Legacy and Alchemy LLC +1-404-964-8136

ALEXANDRA JACKSON releases the video of “A Felicidade” ...

LIVE from Club France / French National Olympic House during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

"A Felicidade" (Vinicius de Moraes / Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Performed LIVE from Club France / French National Olympic House during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Musicians in Video:


Teo Lima: Drums Marcelo Mariano: Bass Andre Siqueira: Percussion

Leo Amuedo: Guitar

Marco Brito: Keyboards Paulo Calasans: Keyboards Danilo Sinna: Flute

Album Track from the "Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy" album:


This is a very important song. “A Felicidade” is from the 1959 “Orfeu Negro” (Black Orpheus) film classic that introduced Bossa Nova to the world.

We recorded “A Felicidade” in July 2015 ... initially, with Robert Irving III crafting a very interesting arrangement that interpreted the poignant lyric, but was outside a traditional iconic Bossa Nova or Samba arrangement. This was challenging, but eye-brow raising, as one-by-one some of the greatest musicians in Brazil history (Teo Lima, Armando Marcal, Ricardo Silveira and Arthur Maia) struggled with Robert Irving III’s groove. An outcome was reached ... but, it set off a 3 month-long effort to “fix the groove.”

It quickly became evident that (A) the song’s groove was wrong for such an iconic Brazilian song, (B) the song was recorded in the wrong key for the singer, and (C) the implications of a misstep with this historically important song ... with Daniel and Paulo Jobim directly attached to it — singing with Alexandra ... were too significant to keep experimenting with. Also, the song started eating up project mindshare.

So, after 3 months of trying, Executive Producer Robert made the decision to take control of the production and work with Ricardo Silveira to cut a more traditional arrangement (Max Viana co-Producing). The new arrangement was recorded in October 2015 with Ricardo and Robert (and Max) as Producers. The musicians included Ricardo, Arthur, Teo Lima and Marco Brito. Marcelo Martins and Jesse Sadoc cut Horns.

Alexandra sings the song in Portuguese with the Jobims — with Backing Vocals by Alexandra, Chris Walker, Darryl Tookes and Curtis King in English recorded in New Jersey in January 2016. Lead Vocals were recorded in Rio de Janeiro in February 2016. Later, Robert added Elisa Queiros to the song — singing Backing Vocals in English. Armando Marcal had been injured, so he was unavailable for the October sessions; so, in March 2016 Robert added Pretinho de Serrinha on percussion. Also, Robert added the 3rd member of the Jobim Trio: Paulinho Braga on drums in February 2016.

Here is the original rendition of our recording of our track:


With the classic version on the album, Hebert, Daniel Jobim and Robert Irving III are back at work finishing Irving's vision for the track.

Stay tuned.



"A Felicidade”

(Vinicius de Moraes / Antonio Carlos Jobim)

ALEXANDRA JACKSON featuring Paulo Jobim and Daniel Jobim

Produced by Robert Hebert and Ricardo Silveira

Co-Produced by Max Viana

Vocals Co-Produced by Chris Walker

Paulo Jobim: Co-Lead Vocal

Daniel Jobim: Co-Lead Vocal and Piano

Arthur Maia: Bass Teo Lima: Drums Ricardo Silveira: Acoustic Guitar Pretinho da Serrinha: Percussion Marco Brito: Keyboards Marcelo Martins: Woodwinds Jesse Sadoc: Horns Chris Walker, Darryl Tookes and Curtis King: Backing Vocals -- with special appearance by Elisa Queiros on Vocals

Engineered by Ricardo Dias, Guido Pera, Danny Leake and Luther Banks Mixed by Ed Cherney Mastered by Danny Leake and Andreas Meyer

All Copyrights 2018 -- LEGACY AND ALCHEMY, LLC

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