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Pretinho da Serrinha is a Special Guest on the album ... collaborating with DONA IVONE LARA on her c


Angelo Vítor Simplicio da Silva, also known as Pretinho da Serrinha, grew up in the Serrinha community in Rio de Janeiro. There, he learned to play percussion as a kid by watching the samba school’s drum section. Sometime later, he took lessons in cavequinho. At the age of ten, he entered the Pena Vermelha samba school’s drum section. At that same time, he was invited to join the Império do Futuro, a children’s samba school of the Império Serrano, becoming the drums director at a very young age. The nickname "Pretinho" arose because of the song "A banda do Zé Pretinho" by Jorge Ben Jor, one of the most influential musicians from Brazil.

In 2003, he created the project "Trio Preto + 1" (Black Trio +1), alongside the percussionists Miudinho, Nenê Brown, and Didão. Only six months after releasing the first album with his group, Pretinho had already placed his composition "Alma de Guerreiro" (Soul of the Warrior) as the opening song of the soap opera "Salve Jorge" (Save George) on Globo TV, sung by Seu Jorge. That June, came the album ... In October, the soap-opera, Salve Jorge debuted with a song composed by Pretinho at the opening: "Alma de Guerreiro” sung by Seu Jorge, with whom he has worked with for over a decade.

Pretinho has worked with Seu Jorge, Caetano Veloso, Maria Rita, Marisa Monte, Sergio Mendes, Marcelo D2, Lulu Santos, Dudu Nobre and Beth Carvalho, among many others.

"Pretinho has become one of the best musicians from Brazil ... precise and inventive. With Black + 1 Trio, he has renewed the energy of samba," says the singer Caetano Veloso, with whom the band played at the Flying Circus, one of the most coveted stages of the city.

"Pretinho Serrinha is a great artist, of extreme confidence, not only at work but in life as well. I'm lucky to have this guy as part of my career,” melts Seu Jorge.

In January 2017, the singer-songwriter composed with his partners Nego Álvaro and Vinicius Feyjão their new song "Reza Pra Agradecer". The song pays homage to Yemanja, the Brazilian goddess of the sea. She is the essence of motherhood, the protector of children, fishermen, and sailors, and most importantly, she is the sea itself. You can hear the song on the official channel of Pretinho da Serrinha on YouTube or Spotify.


Upcoming Shows:

12/01/2017: Combina MPB Festival, Salvador, BH Brazil

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