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Maestro Larry Williams completes "Corcovado"

In this video, you see Producer / Arranger / Conductor Larry Williams completing his masterpiece: "Corcovado" ("Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars”) -- the centerpiece of the landmark “Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy” music album.

The track features the trumpet of the late Miles Davis and the voice of its composer, the late Antonio Carlos Jobim himself, along with the appearances of living legends: Ivan Lins and Robertinho Silva.

The track is illustrative of what the iconic Brazilian songwriter / singer Lins refers to as “Total Music ... a blend of jazz, Brazilian, ethnic musics, instrumental, sung, completely modern.”

The track’s release follows the successes of “Brazilica” featuring Larry Dunn, Darryl Jones, Teo Lima, Armando Marcal, and Maestro Charles Floyd with The Bossa Nova Noites Orquestra, “All One” featuring Al Jarreau with Larry Williams & Oscar Castro-Neves, and “Stage” featuring Larry Dunn and Al McKay.

"CORCOVADO" ("Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars")

ALEXANDRA JACKSON: Artist / Lead Vocalist Executive Producer: Robert Hebert

Produced, Arranged, Piano & The Bossa Nova Noites Orquestra Conducted by: Larry Williams

Vocals Co-Produced by Ivan Lins, Robert Hebert, Darryl Tookes and Chris Walker

Miles Davis: Featured soloist

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Co-Lead Vocal

Ivan Lins: Co-Lead Vocal

Robertinho Silva: Drums

Teo Lima: Drums

Arthur Maia: Bass

Ricardo Silveira: Guitar

Armando Marcal: Percussion

Chris Walker, Darryl Tookes and Curtis King: Backing Vocals

The Bossa Nova Noites Orquestra:

-- Ricardo Amado: Concertmaster

Engineered by Erik Zobler, Guido Pera, DudaMello, Danny Leake, Luther Banks, MoogieCanazio and Andreas Meyer


The instant classic double CD also features the late Al Jarreau, Oscar Castro-Neves, Rod Temperton and Dona Ivone Lara, as well as Larry Dunn, Al McKay, Carlinhos Brown, Banda Black Rio, Hubert Laws, Siedah Garrett, Paulo Jobim, Daniel Jobim, Teo Lima, Armando Marcal, Paulo Calasans, Arthur Maia, Darryl Jones, Charles Floyd, and other Brazilian and American greats contributing to the historic album.

With 10 songs from the album playing on over 200 stations in 8 formats (Sirius XM, UAC, Smooth Jazz. Jazz, Brazil Music, World Music, College and AAA) and streaming channels such as AccuRadio, Sounds of Brazil, Global Village and The Brazilian Hour, the international success is clear. And, with CNN International recognizing Alexandra Jackson in the vanguard of re-launching Brazil music as contemporary music in the world, the project is off to a great start. Indeed, music from Ms. Jackson’s album is enjoying worldwide acceptance — playing in U.S., Brazil, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and across Europe, where the album debuted at #20 on World Music Charts Europe.

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