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Official Music Video for "All One"

Legacy and Alchemy presents the first Hit Single of the album, Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy ... "ALL ONE". This funky jazz track features the late, Al Jarreau with Larry Williams and Bossa Nova's Oscar Castro-Neves.


The memory of Oscar Castro-Neves is at the very soul of this project. Because of Oscar this project exists.

Project Executive Producer / Producer Robert Hebert was introduced to Oscar in 2010. Oscar embraced Robert, and to a very large degree helped Robert complete a good part of his education about Brazil music. In fact, they were planning Oscar’s last 2 albums when Oscar passed away in 2013; and Robert fondly speaks of Oscar sitting him down at his home in Los Angeles to discuss the famous 1962 Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall concert.

Only then, as Oscar took Robert thru the photos and music from that historic 1962 concert did he (Robert) realize just how vitally important a figure in Brazil music Oscar Castro-Neves truly was. Later, Robert remarked to a friend how he (Robert) was so awestruck by Oscar’s humility and grace.

Following that, when Robert’s company made its initial foray into China in 2012, Oscar contributed 2 songs to Robert’s soundtrack album which was created for Chinese media. One of the songs was “All One”, which Oscar recorded on his very last album in 2006. Also, at that time Robert, Oscar and Ivan Lins first looked at a “Brazil meets U.S. music project for the world” album in 2012.

Unfortunately, it took another 2 years for “Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy” to come together; and, by that time … Oscar had passed. To this day, Robert thinks “What if?” his Brazilian guide (Oscar Castro-Neves) could have been here to help shepherd the Legacy & Alchemy project, and had been able to mentor Alexandra Jackson.

ALEXANDRA JACKSON: LEGACY & ALCHEMY is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, and Google Play


Co - Arrangers: Robert Hebert and Chris Walker

Players: Al Jarreau (Duet Vocal), Larry Williams (Keyboards and Flute), Ricardo Silveira (Acoustic Guitar), Darryl Jones (Bass), Teo Lima (Drums), Armando Marçal (Percussion) and Chris Walker (Vocals)

Engineered by: Erik Zobler, Guido Pera, Ricardo Dias, Danny Leake and Luther Banks

Mixed by: Steve Sykes

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