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"All One" remains strong on the Billboard Top 30!


"All One" holds strong as the first single from the project. The track remains in the Top 30 on the Smooth Jazz Billboard Charts at #27!

It's also making noise in the Top 25 on the Smooth Jazz Chart and the Smooth Jazz Indie Chart. We are on over 100 stations in almost every major city in the U.S.

Other tracks on the album are being supported by 50 World Music / AAA / College stations, a half dozen streaming networks, and on five SIRIUS XM radio programs.

NEW! We have started making our music heard in Europe! (...more to come soon).

Don't miss out on the transcendent sound presented by Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy.

"All One" features the late Al Jarreau Larry Williams , Bossa Nova's the late Oscar Castro-Neves, Teo Lima, Darryl Jones bassist , and Armando Marcal.


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