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Legacy and Alchemy will release three singles on IINTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY in Rio de Janeiro!

"ALL ONE” (Composed by Oscar Castro-Neves and Lorraine Castro-Neves)

The memory of Oscar Castro-Neves is at the very soul of this project. Because of him ... this project exists.

Executive Producer and Producer Robert Hebert was introduced to Oscar in 2010. Oscar embraced Robert, and to a very large degree helped Robert complete a good part of his education about Brazil music. In fact, they were planning Oscar’s last 2 albums ... when Oscar passed away in 2013.

When Robert’s company made its initial foray into China in 2012, Oscar contributed 2 songs to Robert’s soundtrack album which was created for Chinese media. One of the songs was “All One”, which Oscar recorded on his very last album in 2006.

When it became time for this album ... the first stop in Fall of 2014 was to Lorraine Castro-Neves. The idea was to complete some of the vision Oscar and Robert discussed from 2010 to 2013.

It was decided that “All One” would be 1 of 2 songs to be recorded. As “All One” was always intended as a duet, Lorraine (the lyricist) composed an additional verse for the song.

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