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Robert A. Hebert, the Executive Producer of Legacy and Alchemy

Robert Anthony Hebert is an entrepreneur with over 30 years in advisory and consulting, telecommunications, information technology, Law and Media. He is CEO of Legacy and Alchemy, Founder and CEO of IT/IS Telecom, LLC, and Founder of HCM Digital. Telecom and IT: IT/IS Telecom, LLC is an IT and Telecom professional services firm that has been aligned with IBM Global Telecommunications Industry since 2001.


Hebert is the CEO of Legacy and Alchemy LLC, an international Media and Marketing company. In summer 2016, Legacy and Alchemy was a leading independent producer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the Rio2016 Olympics – producing “Bossa Nova Noites” shows for the countries of U.S., France, Germany and Japan, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro's International Media Center, the NBC Today Show, and the family of the legendary Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. The “Bossa Nova Noites” festival focused on Brazil music and culture – presented to the “global audience” gathered at the Rio2016 Olympics. Mr. Hebert showcased iconic music and artists representing Brazil's rich music and cultural legacy. The company now has launched its new media brands and operating divisions. The company does business internationally, with a strategic focus on the Brazil, China and Japan markets.

Previously, he founded Hebert-Carrington Media (HCM) / GrooveJazzMedia / HCM Digital ... a multiple Grammy Award-winning Internet-based media firm focused on Production, Digital Marketing and Cloud Commerce. Also, Hebert was Chairman of the Programming Committee of Atlanta Public Broadcasting, Co-COO of the QDE–JEM j.v., and an Artist Manager for 10 years.


Hebert was Of Counsel (Technology) to Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy (Atlanta), and a Corporate Finance associate with Chapman and Cutler (Chicago). Notably, in the years leading up to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Hebert was Special Counsel to Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, Founding Chairman of the Mayor’s Commission on Atlanta’s Media, Telecom and Technology Industry, and Mayor Jackson’s lead for media, telecom and technology strategic economic development matters relating to the 1996 Olympics.


Merchant Banking, Management Consulting and Advisory, Communications & IT systems integration, Enterprise Transformation, Executive Producer (Media and Video), Law.

Robert Hebert is also responsible for producing Alexandra Jackson's first album, Legacy and Alchemy. Alexandra is the daughter of the late Maynard Jackson, former mayor of Atlanta, Georgia. She will make her presence known at BLUE NOTE RIO in Rio De Janeiro.


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