Larry Williams talks about "All One"

November 3, 2018

Maestro Larry Williams talks about his experience on "All One" and what it means to him and the late Al Jarreau and the late Oscar Castro-Neves

"All One" was one of our first big singles!


ALEXANDRA JACKSON:  Artist / Co-Lead Vocalist  


Al Jarreau:  Duet Vocalist


Oscar Castro-Neves:  Guest Appearance (on Vocals)


Executive Producer:  Robert Hebert


Produced and Arranged by Larry Williams


Vocals Co-Produced by Chris Walker


Players: Al Jarreau (Duet Vocal), Larry Williams (Keyboards and Flute), Ricardo Silveira (Acoustic Guitar), Darryl Jones bassist (Bass), Teo Lima (Drums), Armando Marcal (Percussion) and Chris Walker (Vocals)


Engineered by: Erik Zobler, Guido Pera, Ricardo Dias, Danny Leake and Luther Banks


Mixed by: Steve Sykes


Mastered by Andreas Meyer and Danny Leake


Our album, Alexandra Jackson : LEGACY & ALCHEMY is available now!


All Copyrights LEGACY AND ALCHEMY LLC 2018

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