The Smooth Jazz Airplay Results are in for "QUIET NIGHTS, QUIET STARS"!

October 2, 2018


Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart:  #3 Most Added (6 adds) Chart Recap:  #2 Most Added (7 adds)



Groove Jazz Music Chart:  Most Added (6 adds)



Radio Wave Internet Airplay Chart:  Most Added (2 adds)




Billboard airplay:


The Smooth Jazz Network

WFSK/Nashville, TN

WCLK/Atlanta, GA

WVAS/Montgomery, AL

WVST/Richmond, VA

WEIB/Springfield, MA


Smooth Jazz airplay:


Smooth Grooves Radio/UK

KOKY/Little Rock, AR

WVOD/Manteo, NC

WTCC/Springfield, MA

WUSB/Long Island, NY


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