Making of Veleiros Negros: Part 1

June 13, 2018

Carlinhos Brown - Tribalistas​ originally recorded “Veleiros Negros: in 2010, on the “Diminuto” album of 10 of his more beautiful, previously unreleased compositions. Considered one of his most surprising solo albums, on “Diminuto” Carlinhos showcased his sensitive side rather than his superstar-driven “hit track” side. The album saw him at his most engaging as a vocalist.


The performers featured on the track are Alexandra Jackson​ , Paulo Calasans​, Arthur Maia Filho​ , Teo Lima​  João Castilho​ , Curtis King Jr​ and @André Siqueira​ (Track arranged by Larry Williams​ and the players)


This is just a small appetizer of what you shall expect from "Veleiros Negros" ! Learn more about the the production phase at our website!



Listen to the full track on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play!


Alexandra Jackson: LEGACY & ALCHEMY! Available Now!


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