Alexandra Jackson talks about her family

October 11, 2018

To help her audience get to know Alexandra ... Legacy and Alchemy produced an 10-part "About Alexandra" series. She answers these questions:


(1) About Family


(2) About Musical Influences   


(3) About Starting in Music


(4) About Brazil Music


(5) About the Guest Stars


(6) About Personal Sense of Style


(7) About the Collaborators


(8) About Songs of the Album


(9) About the Recording Process


(10) About Dona Ivone Lara



Legacy and Alchemy presents to you the first video segment of the "About Alexandra Jackson" series. Alexandra sheds light on her family's legacy by explaining the importance of her family's influence, as well as her path of destiny. She also discusses her drive and her will to become a great musician. She is determined to honor her family's legacy by representing the principle of what Legacy and Alchemy stands for.



In this video, Alexandra talks about her family's legacy. But we must ask ourselves, "Who is Alexandra Jackson?" What does she do away from the studio? We know about Alexandra Jackson, the singer, but who is Alexandra Jackson, the person?  



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