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The Back story of "Stage"


("Palco" composed by Gilberto Gil)

English "Stage" Lyric by Darryl Tookes

Publisher: Preta Music Inc. 1981

-- Music from the album, ALEXANDRA JACKSON: Legacy & Alchemy


On her debut album, Alexandra Jackson invited Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) Grammy, Rock and Roll, and Songwriter Hall of Fame members: Larry Dunn and Al McKay to join her on "Stage".

Track 9 on the album, this is the first-time English homage to Gilberto Gil's 1981 Brazil classic "Palco" ... which was a homage to EWF!

Recording in Rio de Janeiro 37 years later ... Alexandra Jackson and EWF's Larry Dunn and Al McKay turn to honor the great Maestro Gil.

With Darryl Tookes' English ("Stage" lyrical) interpretation of the poetry of "Palco" in-hand ... Alexandra asked Larry and Al, Chicago's Darryl Jones, Maestro Charles Floyd, Danny Leake, Ed Cherney and Producer Robert Hebert, and super singers Tookes, Curtis King and Chris Walker to join her in honoring the great Gilberto Gil.

The Americans are joined by Brazil's greats, the legendary drummer Teo Lima and percussionist Armando Marcal, and by Gustavo da Leite, Ricardo Silveira, Orquestra Atlantica (horns), and The Bossa Nova Noites Orquestra.


ALEXANDRA JACKSON's "Stage" -- recorded at Club France / French National Olympic House during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

This video features Brazil's superstar Bassist Arthur Maia, whose vital contributions to the production of "Stage" for the "Alexandra Jackson:

Legacy & Alchemy" album assured that the essence and spirit of the original 1981 "Palco" was captured on this 2018 version.


Executive Producer: Robert Hebert


Marco Brito – keyboards

Paulo Calasans – keyboards

Teo Lima – drums

Andre Siqueira – percussion

Arthur Maia – bass and vocals

Leo Amuedo – guitar

Diogo Gomes – trumpet

Danilo Sinna – sax

Gilmar Ferreira – trombone

Live Engineer: Duda Mello

Video Produced by Robert Hebert

Co-Produced by Fernanda Romero and Robert O. Hebert

Technical Producer: Marcos Caminha

Cameras: Kaue Bakker, Felipe Drehmer, Michael Goldman, Ruda Capriles and Tom Franca

Edited by Rodrigo Sevastano

Mixed by Luther Banks

© COPYRIGHT: Legacy and Alchemy LLC 2018

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